3051 Paris Pike Lexington, KY 40511

What We Do

If restorative justice is to reach its full potential in Kentucky, we must integrate it into our everyday lives. By embedding restorative processes practices and language into key areas of our lives, it can make a difference. We work with community leaders, individuals, families, schools, workplaces, and all areas of the criminal justice system.

KCRJ Functions independently but cohesively with the community-at-large by:

  • Implementing Innovative Restorative Practices
  • Training Mediators & Facilitators
  • Educating Professionals
  • Providing Restorative Conferencing and Circle Processes

Restorative Justice Principles:


  • Provide a constructive framework to guide responses to crime, conflict, offensive behavior, violations and injustices.
  • Use restorative justice guidelines that repair damages, establish dignity and reintegrate all who were harmed and alienated.
  • Build communities with innovative philosophy that works equally well in our homes, schools, workplaces, churches, communities and justice system.
  • Respect all people.


The Roots of Restorative Justice philosophy come from Native American Communities, Aboriginal Communities, and tribes throughout the world. Restorative Processes help communities preserve themselves through increasing emotional connection, authentic communication, and building relationships.

We teach and steward this philosophy in our work.

Restorative Practice/Justice starts with “mindset” and how we perceive ourselves and our role in community. The responsibility we have for ourselves, others, equal voices, honest dialogues, and how we commit to repair harm.

We steward these shifts through trainings, mentoring, and coaching.

Communities come in many forms such as schools, organizations and systems, prisons and jails, churches, and need ways to build strong relationships within all of them.

We will do this together-we know the way!

Conflict within communities can never be solved without relationships being built first. Restoring, realigning, and repairing can all take place after we commit to relationship building with each other first!

We will do this together too-We have the tools!

Restorative Circles and Conferencing allow everyone to have voice that demonstrates values, of dignity, respect, and mutual concern.

We must all make commitments and keep our word!