3051 Paris Pike Lexington, KY 40511

Who We Serve

Services are provided to those who seek social justice solutions

Private parties or court referrals, we offer restorative conferencing, circles, and various processes in crisis situations. Contact Us for more info or a private, individual assessment of your requirements. We’re here to help

We provide leadership to:

People of the Commonwealth
Communities throughout the Bluegrass
National International Communities within the Commonwealth
Schools, Colleges, Universities
Governmental Agencies
Community Organizations
Law Enforcement
Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys
Faith-Based Organizations
Probation and Corrections

What We Do - Implement, Train, Educate, Provide:

Implement Innovative Solutions
Train Mediators & Facilitators
Educate Professionals
my KCRJ Professional Alliance
Provide Investigative Services
Provide Mitigation Services
Provide Mediation Services
Provide Justice Services