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Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice announces 2023-2024 Summer Intern Program

Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice announces 2023-2024 Summer Intern Program

Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice announces new Summer Intern Program for 2023-2024 – Tuesday, 22, 2022, Lexington, KY.

KCRJ is seeking to provide another round of summer intern opportunities for the 2023-2024 school years. The internship (s) will provide assistance and support to all facets of KCRJ expected growth and expansion.

We are proud to have mentored some amazing interns including some amazing young professionals from the University of Kentucky, Berea College, and Eastern Kentucky University. Interns that now serve in many public service and private sector arenas. Many serve as attorneys, public service advocates, victim advocates, local and state government employees, social workers, and in areas of academia. Working in the KCRJ Summer Intern Professional Development Program is challenging but very rewarding for many of our previous interns. It provides a gateway to learning about public service life and challenges them to find their purpose and passion while working with us.

According to Diana Queen, President of the Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice, I challenge them every day to be the very best version of themselves and to learn about the intersections of society, the legal and educational system, micro and macro level social problems, and the roles that community members participate and are impacted in those systems. We expect them to be fully engaged in our work and demonstrate high standards of professionalism and commitment during their time spent with us. We create meaningful and authentic relationships with each person and work to help them grow personally and professionally as they enter into their chosen professions. It’s a true partnership and we are present in their lives now and later as they need us.

As with many other organizations and businesses, Covid-19 impacted our growth timeline, and we are so pleased to be in a position to offer these opportunities once again.

If you are interested in an internship with us and our a junior or senior in college, please contact me at diana.queen@kcrj.org for more details about it.

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